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Sam 23rd February 2007 11:26 PM

Kona Style vs Kona Mahalo

I just realized that the Kona Mahalo is about the size of the large Starboard SUP and wondered what you thougth about it as a longboard for me.

The Mahalo has a bigger daggerboard and fin than the Kona Style and is 380 by 75 cm and 290 liters. I would use it mostly in light to medium light with my 8.0 and 10.0 Retros for cruising upwind and just having a fun day on the water. Would you agree that it would be more stable for me than my old Mistral one design was at 372 by 63 cm?

A new longboard would be an addition to my Free Formula and HiFly Free Ride boards and not a replacement for either. I don't think there would be much overlap between the 3 boards.

As you know I'm not a huge guy but weigh about 190 lbs. My problem on smaller longboards is not so much size but ability.

Rod from Auckland really likes his Kona Style and I think all the things he likes about it would apply to the Mahalo as well.

Let me know what you think and maybe someone else will have an opinion.


rod_r 24th February 2007 01:26 AM

RE: Kona Style vs Kona Mahalo
Hi Sam

While I'm sure Roger would be happy to give you advice, the Kona has its own forum:

It's not quite as active as over here but you might get some good advice.

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