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cro23 27th November 2011 10:13 AM

isonic 86 ws iSonic Speed Special W.58

I have isonic 86 2009 and like it very mouch. I am 176 high and 78 kg, very skilled, useing it with 6.3 and 5.8 race sails and been able to do up to 35 kts max in conditions with 25-35 kts wind and chopy waters here in Croatia between islands.
Now I have oportunity to buy iSonic Speed Special W.58.
Question is will it bring any extra max speed compareing to is86??

Thanks in advance


Kevin Pritchard 25th February 2013 08:54 PM

I think for the Choppy water you should get the new Isonic. For the speed special you need special water to keep it going faster.

kenedy 21st December 2017 02:18 AM

Just follow Kevin's comment above.

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