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Hi Sandy,
We have a little communications issue here.....!
I did not say that only your toes go in the footstraps.
What I did say was that your entire foot (the ball of your foot) goes into
the footstrap with only your toes sticking out beyond the inside of the footstrap (towards the center of the board).
You need to get about half your foot under the footstrap, but you don't want to get your foot in so far that it traps your arch.
So, just set your straps wide enough and open enough so your toes extend beyond the footstrap.
I always set my straps a bit wider than the width of my foot, but I set the length of the strap so only my toes extend beyond the inside of the strap.
This makes getting into and out of the straps easier, and allows me to "turn my foot" to put the pressure from my heels in different positons (foot still in the strap) along the rail of the board.
Hope this helps,
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