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Originally Posted by prpa View Post
Here is my advice, and god knows I had realy problems with this, but then I red an
article on internet and it is very good guidance.

Rear line - put on the 1/3 boom lenght
Front line - 1 fist apart
FOR FREERACE&SLALOM SAILS, put everything 1-2 inch more forward.

This works I have 1 boom with marked 3 positions for the 3 sails.
I'd be using a 220-280cm Teknosport Race carbon boom extended to 260 cm because of the width of the sail. Your 1/3 rule would have the harness lines at about 80 cm from the mast head, which seems to me an awful lot! It is very far from the 1 or 2 fist lengths suggested by Crazychemical just below. I'd understand a few inches latitude, but here we have a 25 inches difference . You cannot be both right!
Also would the lines position have to change for light or stronger winds? By how much, roughly?
I'll be experimenting on the beach in due time, because we are stillunder 2 ft of snow here. Just wanted to have a preliminary idea.

Thanks for your input

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