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Default RE: iS 87 or 94 with RS6 5.4 and 6.2

hi Hans
I have the Isonic 94 and I can say you it's great with 6m and 7m GTX.You can try 7.2 witout problem.And I think so it's good for 5.4.I try it with more 40 knts on a flat spot with 6 GTX ,a very big speed and so very easy in the strong wind.The jibe full speed witout problem.I try it so with 7 GTX in 15 20 knts and little wave 1m it's so very safe in the speed.A very large range.Of course you must buy fins.for me 28 and 32 Gazoil (equal 30 and 34 select or other)and perhaps 36 for 7.2...B)
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