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There were discussions about bringing Formula back on tour, but as you mentioned mcross 19, Formula has its own series. Formula Windsurfing is a great word. Sounds like Formula 1 in windsurfing. Perhaps it needs a comeback in the most professional windsurfing circuit. Not sure. At the moment Formula looks to me like an amateur class. And a few pros compete, too and win the money, what's fair enough.

Formula had its chance on tour already, before Slalom returned back in 2005. Since then the PWA ran 51 Slalomevents. Two of them were in collaboration with the IFCA. Just two events saw no result. 2008 in Jinha Beach, Ulsan, South Korea, where the PWA already ran 12 person heats. The wind was extremely up and down this year from 20 to 5 knots. But we had a fun race there, for money.

2011 at Westerland, Sylt we as well saw now result. Some heat s got done, but the first elimination never got completed.

Out of my view just a few spots are well suited for Formula racing like Sylt or Costa Brava. Alacati is quite shallow at some spots for instance, etc. If Formula should be back it could be an extra discipline, which will be run at new event locations, replaces Slalom events, where the wind is fairly light in average or will be held as a parallel discipline, like at Sylt, where it's often just too light for Slalom.

The PWA could raise the wind limit for Slalom, reduce the amount of gear in total. The real racing freaks have the change to show their skills in both disciplines. Slalom would look more radical again. Formula works well in light wind, when the wind blows consistent all over the course and when the companies produce gear for the real light wind.

At the moment not all big brands are producing Formula equipment.

Concerning the small board choice: we at least need one medium to small kind of board, when it gets strong at Costa Brava, Sylt, Alacati or for Fuerteventura. Sure, there is no Pozo, Karpathos or Tenrife on the tour calendar at the moment and the bigger sized gear gets used much more during the season (7.8 - 9.5 or 10.0 plus big and medium sized board).

Just a few facts and thoughts,


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