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Default Long and Short Board suggestions


When we're on the water in Bonaire I can never think of much to ask you about. However, about a week after I get home I think of lots of things I should have asked.

I sail my Free Formula 198 about 65 days a year and my HiFly 279 Free Ride (the red board that's 150 liters and 280 x 70 cm) 6 - 8 days. The FF 198 works great for me in light and strong wind.

The HiFly is always a challenge cause I think it's about one size too small for me to be comfortable on. It's ok when I'm planing but when the wind is up and down it's pretty tippy off the plane. I try to only take it on windy days but often the wind drops after I get there. Do you think one of the bigger Craves like the 145 or 160 would be better for me?

What about the new long boards not as a replacement for my FF or HiFly but as an addition to them. I sailed the Mistral one design for 10 years and my sailing was pretty well stuck all that time. The one design was too narrow and tippy for me. I never even tried to crave jibe it and almost never got in the back straps.

The Kona is 70 cm wide and 350 long. The Phantom 80 x 300.
I like the length of the Kona but wonder if the 70 cm is too narrow for me. I want to be able to sail on both light and planing days, to be able to do free style in light wind and crave jibe in stronger wind.

Would the Phantom be too much like my FF 198 cause I want to keep it too.

Thanks for you help.
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