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Kevin is the expert no doubt, but I though I would add my experience. I have the 08 111 and have used a Maui sails TR3 8.4 on the board, which works really well. I have a 9.2 but haven't tried it on the 111 since I would normally be on my Formula board in 9.2 winds. I weigh 79kg. My favorite sail with the 111 is my 7.6 (TR4)

I didn't like the Drake fins that came with the board (38 & 44) and bought a Techtonics Tomcat 42. The Drake fins are really designed for down wind slalom and have very little foil for maximum speed, plus they tend to spin out a lot (at least for me). I just free sail and the Drake fins have no power or lift for upwind or underpowered beam reaching, so I went for the Techtonics. More foil (probably a little slower), but it never spins out and has very little slippage & goes up wind very well. I use the 42 with my 6.6, 7.6 & 8.4 sails.
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