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Default Carve 131 and 101 or ???

Hi there,

I weigh 80 kg and sail a Carve 131. Looking a purchasing a higher wind lower volume board. I currently have the following sails - Saber 6.9m, Supersonic 5.4m and an ART RAGE 4.4m. Looking at another Carve but not sure about the size or to go for say the S-type. Finding it difficult to chose between sub 100 litre or say around the 105 litre mark. wanting a board that i can sail when it gets too windy for the 131 - sail 1/2 time on lakes 1/2 time on salt. looking at using the 5.4m as the predominant sail on the new board and the 4.4m when needed (not that often). Would keep the 6.7m solely for the 131.

any suggestions would be welcome.

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