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Default RE: Carve 131 and 101 or ???

I tend to agree with PG.

Have a C131, I sail it mostly on fresh water. The C101 would be a logical step down to higher wind. Only question I would have would be whether or not a Kombat would be a better choice. Kind of depends on the water traits where you sail. Is the 4.4 ART wind associated with 2m swells, or is it protected water and flat? More toward wavy, I'd err on the side of the Kombat; more flat and I'd err toward the Carve. You'll be able to sail either board, and love it, but I'm all for ease of use and would make that my primary criteria.

The Carve series is arguably one of the finest line of boards ever produced. Easy easy jibing. The old, pre-no-nose Mistral Screamer is the only other board I've used that I'd describe as being on autopilot during the jibe. If you're not in big waves, but not making 95% of your jibes - planing out of them - then go with the Carve.

The Kombat is very well-reviewed, and I've ordered a K96, but haven't used one enough to make good judgement. As a whole, though, the K series are not as beloved as the Carves. Make note of that, and if it's even, I'd go for the Carve.
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