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Default RE: Replacing a 105L Hyper


one year ago I was exactly in your same position. Well, almost. I am 6'3" and 185 lbs.; I also decided to focus more on more usual 5.0 - 5.8 range for the small board.
In the end I bought a Sonic 95 and an Evo 83, replacing an Hypersonic 111, an RRD Avantslalom 278 and an RRD Wavecult 260 ('99).
After one year, and after reading a lot of posts about iS 101 vs. "narrower" slalom boards, here are my thoughts.
1) The Sonic 95 (iS94) easily rides on a 7.6 in order to maximize low end range; nevertheless, wider boards will have big advantages at the low end of a 7.6 range.
2) Modern sails are so much powerful that my guess for next season is that I can do (better) with 7.0 and 6.3, instead of 7.6 and 6.6; and 7.0 will be right the perfect sweet spot sail size for the S95, ensuring optimal balance and therefore probably approaching much the 7.6 low end performance on that board.
3) With a two board quiver, the smallest one should be a wave oriented board; so if one does not like to renounce to slalom performance in high winds, IMHO a bigger slalom board than a Sonic 95 (or iS94) is not advisable as "one-board-do-it-all" slalom choice in the wind range you described.
4) Moving everything "one size down", expecially at your (lighter) weight, it should be a perfect match to choose an Evo 74/75 as the smaller board and it should be as much nice with 5.3 as my 83 is with the 5.8, ensuring at the same time better high wind range.
5) Probably, after last year sailing experience, I would do the same choice I am advising to you (Sonic100/95/iSonic94 + Evo 74/75) even at my higher weight, since the Evo 83 will have a lot of overlap (wind strength wise) with the Sonic 95 + 6.3, while it is not the right board for the occasional high wind (30+) good day.
6) I like the Evo for general "coastal" sailing; but who knows better says that between Evo and Acid it is a matter of taste. Anyhow, if you have any doubts, the Evo doubles nicely as a bump and jump board, althought not much fast. Probably a '06 Acid 80 would do even better as a bump and jump board, due to its higher speed; but I fear it is not as well behaved as an Evo in higher winds (check with Ola).
7) All of the above can be useful in the assumption that you, like me, prefer to optimize the high wind "fun" side of slalom performance, say 18+ knots. Of course, if you rather prefer to optimize the "be first at the windward mark in 13 knots" side, then everybody will tell the 101/105 (or bigger) is preferable to the 94/95/100.
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