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Default RE: Replacing a 105L Hyper

I originally got the hyper because I wanted to get into slalom sailing and I found it at a great price. But I do have a preference for narrow designs, and the iS94 was originally my first choice. The thing is, where I sail most, it's up and down and very gusty, plus the sail ratio is probably about 7.6-60% and 6.6-40%. So I'm thinking ideally the iS101 would suit my sailing better. I'm wondering though, at my weight could I get away with using the iS94 with the 7.6 in say 13 knots (with a 38cm fin).

The other issue is using the board for racing. The iS101 would give me a much better range in the lower end and still allow me to be competitive in the high end. Whereas the iS94 would be at more of a disadvantage in the low end when racing, especially in varying conditions, but really be in the zone with the 6.6 in 20-25knots.

Is my reasoning correct so far?
For racing and more 7.6 use: iS101
For speed sailing with more 6.6 use: iS94
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