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Default Florida Windsurfing

Hey Roger,
Long time no talk!
Hope things are good with you.

Question for you about florida windsurfing.

I know you have sailed many spots in florida and I seem to recall you have spent alot time in pine island.

Thinking ahead of snowbird options for jan to mar in a few years and where to spend time.
Looking for the best spot in florida for flatwater sailing and the most consistent wind.
I have sailed: calema, dunedin, tiera vierda

Options would include: merritt island, tarpon springs, pine island, sanibel, sarasota, miami, keys, stuart.

Any opinions appreciated.

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Hi Joe,
I haven't sailed/toured Florida in 3 or 4 years (I'm back working for the Navy almost full time) so I'm not quite current.
Pine Island was very nice, but there's really only one public launch area and it's really tiny.
Tarpon Springs has a few sailors and Howard Park has fairly consistent winds.
Very crowded on the weekends, but pretty good during the week.
There's a bit of a windsurfing community that sails Howard Park all the time unless things
have changed.
Merritt Island is good, but only a couple of places to launch. Kelly Park and over on the Causeway to Cocoa Beach.
Sanibel... I'm not sure about as they rebuilt the causeway and I'm not sure if the spoil island (s) are still open for windsurfing or not.
Sarasota can be good, but it's pricey in that area and not sure where you would stay.
There are 2 flat water launches one beside the cuaseway on Bird Key and the park over on City Island opposite
the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.
I never sailed in Miami and only sailed a couple of times at regattas in Islamorada.
Tampa Bay has a few launches so it can be good as well.
Biggest issue in Florida is access to the water and not a whole lot of wind.
Sorry I cannot be more help.
Where do we know each other from?

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Thanks Roger!
I just know you from the form as you have answered many of my questions over the years and have really helped my windsurfing technique and passion.
I will look more into tarpon springs area. I really would like to be in an area that is not as built up so i can road bike as well as windsurf.
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