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Default start L into tandem

i guys,
i'got an old starboard start L in the garage and want to transform it in a tandem to sail around with my daughters...
where would you fix the second mast box ? i was thinking approximately 1 meter in front of the center mast box
david montpellier, France
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1 meter in front of the existing mast box might work, but perhaps it would be better to go for a sail
with your heaviest daughter and see where the board trims out.
Hope you plan to get a very light weight/very small rig for your girls.
Don't expect their rig to do very much.....they will mostly be holding it and you can coach
them on how to trim it.
I've done hundreds of "A Taste Of Windsurfing" lessons with small to mid size children and
found that it works better to get the small rig the girls can handle and you kneel in front
of the rig and provide both instruction and support.
They learn to handle the rig very quickly and if you use a tether you can sail on another board
and they will quickly learn to keep the tether line (with a 1 meter section of stretchy bungee
cord in the middle) slack and will be sailing up your wake, but completely sailing the board
and using the rig on their own.
Hope this helps,
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Thanks for your advice
my daughters are 6, 9 and 12
i will for sure give them small rig (3M2 child rig or 4.0 wave sail), it's just to give them the taste, as you said, and i don't expect any planning in this configuration.
but the board 's too big to be a beginner's board for children and my wave boards are still too small !
thanks, i'll let you know how this works
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