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Default Windup sail outhull

Hi, i wanted to get you advice on rigging compact sail - 6.5.
Here are some photos, first two rows are with LW setting on bom and rest is with HW : https://photos.google.com/share/AF1Q...R4NG4wREJ1MWR3

And now i can move to my problem. Sail is touching other side of the bom, even in the lightest wind. I used LW setting in something like 4knots and half of the sail rested against the bom . I no wind condition i don't need to use any force to touch bom trough sail.
Also tired HW setting in 15knots, and it was not awesome as i saw bom pipe imprinted/bulged on sail.

What i'm doing wrong?
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Looks to me like you have not DOWNHAULED your sail nearly enough.
All the loose horizontal folds at the back of the luff sleeve indicate the mast
needs to bent significantly more.
If there is a crease or seam at the very front of the sail, when laying flat on the ground,
you need to downhaul the sail until the seam is at least 2/3 of the way around toward
the front of the mast for as much of the mast length as possible.
When you downhaul more, that pulls the mast into more of a bend and then the
outhaul settings should work quite a bit better.
Bending the mast more should not break it or cause any issues.
May need to get a downhaul crank tool or something to give you a better
purchase to pull the downhaul line tighter/more.
Looks like you have the tack of your sail all the way down against the mast
extension at the bottom. Can you extend the mast extension any further?
If not, do you have the correct length mast for that sail?
If the sail has an adjustable head cap, is the head cap all the way down or does
it extend above the top of the sail.
Got to get the mast length a little longer, or shorten the distance from the head of the
sail to the tack of the sail to get the correct shape when you tighten the clew/outhaul
line slightly.

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