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Default Using RDM Masts in the Racing Sails

Hi Ian

I will buy Severne Code Red 6.7, 7.7 and 9.0. I would like to use 6.7 with redline rdm mast. What is the real difference between using rdm mast and using sdm mast in the racing sails? Also can use 7.7 with 460 redline rdm mast? What is your recommendation for using severne code red sails with rdm masts?

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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Using RDM Masts in the Racing Sails

Hi Koray,

For some of the smaller (speed) sizes of the Code Reds the RDM has potential, but in most situations mast (sail) stability goes off the boil when the RDM gets much bigger than 400(430).

In the Code Red, one area where the sails moved ahead a fair bit is the advantage of a really precisely specced luff (and mast) curve. Thanks to more accurate bend curves in the RedLine SDMs matched to the Code Red shape, the choice is to use the SDM on sizes 6m+ and get the full benefits.

For 6.7, 7.7 and 9.0 it would be possible (subject to masts available) but it would not generally be a recommended performance option from the loft, sure Jesper and Ben will agree in general that - for these sizes - the correct and precisely matched SDM is for sure the best performance option.

Cheers ~ Ian
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