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Post Vargas 2003 World cup.

<span class="text">This years Vargas event was the competitive unveiling for the new EVO waveboards.

I was pretty excited as I knew we had a bit of an advantage over everyone else with these boards in these kind of conditions. (Usually waist to head high beach breaks) There were the obvious smart remarks from various smart fellas, but these comments weren't to be heard after they'd seen them on the water

In light conditions (5.3) and not very powerful waves, Ty and myself had the obvious advantage of being able to carry speed through turns, where other people were bogging down.

There were numerous occasions that the conditions threatened with the possibility of competition, but unfortunately, only stuck around to give a glimpse of what might have been. One heat that Ty did get to sail - he was standing way out above the rest. Where others were struggling for speed at the lip, Ty was getting airs and powerful hits.

People had to take notice. Levi Siver commented how sick Ty was sailing on the Evo, Matt Pritchard on how much drive we seemed to have, and Kauli Seadi was around to have a good old check of the boards, as did a lot of other sailors.

Then the contest was over and we didn't get our chance, however, as the contest finished, and most people left, the wind returned. It was then time to see how the EVO 74 handled Pozo with overpowered 4.2.

All I can say for that is, I can't believe how good it felt. I had frontside onshore airs never before possible from my conventional boards. My fears of the board feeling too wide in the strong winds were unconfirmed. It handled the speed and chop like a dream.

Basically, I can't go back to conventional boards at the this point </span>
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Default hi

hi his is very good
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