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Default North Sails Warp F2007: what became of it ?


About North Sails Warp Formula 2007 (F2007) sails, does someone know somthing about ?

Nearly all sails manufactures have already released new year Formula model...

Someone knows if North guys (Jimmy Diaz) are testing 2007 Formula sails somewhere ?

- Exp.
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Default RE: North Sails Warp F2007: what became of it ?

07 warps due out in march
check the photos from alex regatta in miami 2 weeks ago
Heres the 2007 north warp info:

battens: 8
cams: 4/5
slalom sizes: 5.0 / 5.4 / 5.8 / 6.3 / 6.8 / 7.3 / 7.8 / 8.3 / 9.0 / 9.9
formula sizes: 10.0 / 11.0 / 11.9 / 12.5
WarP f2007 - how a high speed sail evolved into the ultimate World cup powerhouse in the World cup, maximum speed is nothing more than a basic
prerequisite. the decisive factor lies in the ability to reach top speed as fast as possible in order to get ahead of the pack and then remain speed in all situations and under a variety of conditions.
this was the declared goal in designing the new Warp
acceleration like a dragster, constant speed with no upper limitas in a formula 1 car and power out of the gybe like a Dragster??? this is how bj??rn Dunkerbeck and chief developer Jimmy Diaz defined the qualities they where looking for in the new WarP.
at the same time they demanded fatigue free rig control and easy handling for full concentration on tactics and 100% performance.
in order to meet these goals, designer Kai Hopf and his team carefully examined all sections of the very successful WarP f2006 in the north sails r&D center on Gran canaria. the challenge was to enhance acceleration without adverse effects on
top speed or handling.
the result is a strongly modified new WarP that looks similar to its predecessor but clearly outperforms it in almost all aspects.
the first few tests revealed that the WarP f2007 had a clearly superior performance range and incredible potential. explosive starts, seemingly unlimited top speed and authentic power boosts after shifting totally convinced Jimmy and bj??rn of the new design. Particularly because the sail requires relatively little attention and is extremely easy to handle, considering its performance. in their opinion, these are the WarP f2007???s main strengths as they permit the rider to focus on victory instead of struggling with difficult handling.
results WarP f2006:
isa constructors champion
bj??rn Dunkerbeck World speed record nautical mile
Karin Jaggi World champion speed surfing
Karin Jaggi World champion slalom 42
e11 bj??rn Dunkerbeck / Gran canaria
WarP f2007
tHe DraGster effect
the immediate acceleration at the start and out of the gybe, the so-called dragster effect, where achieved through the following design modifications:
1. Kai consciously used very high luff tension, which created strong sail foil tension in the lower third of the sail. this means a stiffer profile in the
area where power is generated.
2. the inDiViDual.batten.anGle ensures maximum stability in the lower power center. the battens are arranged at almost horizontal angles
to take full advantage of stiffness.
3. the extreme sail profile at the level of the rider was also consciously chosen since this area of the sail is responsible for maximum propulsion
and therefore plays a decisive role for acceleration.
4. for extra stability in the most vulnerable areas of the profile (the area of maximum width around the boom), Kai Hopf developed the full.
boom.concePt. the boom ends exactly at the ends of the battens to keep the sail taut across the entire length. this contributes to faster
power transfer from wind pressure to propulsion.
to complement these construction features and further optimize the dragster effect, all materials where tuned for maximum stiffness and stretch resistance. Here is an overview of the changes that were made to
create the WarP f2007:
PH2X clotH
the complete double surface mast pocket is now made of this high-tech
yacht sail material with minimum stretch.
m.b.s.confiGuration (maximum batten stiffness configuration)
for optimum profile stability we used only super stiff tube battens with a
large diameter. apart from two piece tubes (solid tip plus tube with extra
large diameter) we used some three piece battens with an oversized
second tube over an inner tube for extra stiffness.
cam sPacer
the cam spacer permits individual tuning of camber tension at the mast
according to the rider???s preferences. the sail can be set to easy rotation
(without spacer) or more profile stability (with spacer).
Power is nothing without control. in order to ensure unbeatable top speed
and fatigue free control despite of explosive acceleration, Kai devoted a
lot of time to optimizing the sail???s twist characteristics:
1. the new battens with a round profile support the three dimensional top
twist and permit a more effective twist release with more sensitive top
2. the inDiViDual.batten.anGle creates steeper batten angles in the
top that additionally support the soft and controlled three-dimensional
3. the high luff tension favors a relatively loose ???open??? top that perfectly
responds to gusts and absorbs choppy water conditions. the result is a
self-stabilizing sail top that permits the rider to fully focus on the course
without the need to permanently correct the rig position.
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Default RE: North Sails Warp F2007: what became of it ?

Check this image:


or this PDF file:


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Default RE: North Sails Warp F2007: what became of it ?

If you go to the Caviglia Foundation website, there are a few photos up right now, but there will be a lot more in the near future....check it later this week or early next week when all the info gets up.
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