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Default Early planning alternatives for light weight sailors

Hi Roger,

myself and other friends have a discussion about alternatives to Formula for light wind windsurfing for light weight sailors. (<75kg, <165lbs)
There are opinions, which say that using slalom/freerace wide boards, 75/80 cm, and smaller sails than formula, 8.0/8.5, will give the same early planning threshold as formula gear gives. (7/8 knots)
What do you think about?

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Default RE: Early planning alternatives for light weight sailors

I&#39;m 140-145 pounds.

My current lightwind gear is an F-Type 148 and a 9.8 V8. My next smaller sail is a 8.0 Retro. When sailing with heavier sailors (180-200 pounds), I find they go to a 10.6 V8 and a formula board when I&#39;m on my 9.8 V8 and FT148.

The other week, I was using my 8.0 Retro and an iSonic 105 (stock 40cm fin) when the winds were strong enough for it. A friend was on his formula board with a 10.6. He definitely planed earlier than me, but it wasn&#39;t by much. I was surprised how close I was to keeping up with him. I should have been on my 9.8 with my F-Type 148, but I wanted to test the low-wind tolerances of my Retro and iSonic combination.

I put a 66cm fin on my F-Type after he packed up and found the 8.0 Retro to be amazing in light winds (I rigged it to the numbers). I use a 70cm fin when I rig the 9.8 V8, by the way.

Here&#39;s a picture of me that afternoon with the 8.0 Retro and an F-Type 148. You can see from the water that there wasn&#39;t much wind.

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Default RE: Early planning alternatives for light weight sailors

Hello Han,
My experience with the wider boards (starting with the Starboard W-75 flapper board, then the F-155 (85 cm wide) and on to the 100 cm wide pure formula race boards) is that it takes a bit larger sail, to get the wider boards going in truly marginal conditions, but no board I know that&#39;s less than 85 cm wide with stay on plane when the wider boards will.
Getting a narrower board (< 85 cm wide) going in marginal conditions requires more pumping to "launch" and alot more pumping to stay planing in the lulls.
There are some narrower boards (the Hypersonics, &#39;04 Free Formula and &#39;05 & &#39;06 F-Types that will stay on plane as well as a formula board and are alot easier to sail and do not requie the hugrigs.
But, it deends alot on the sailor and the rig choices.
Do you have a rig that&#39;s race" oriented" or something with substantially more low end power.
Do you mind pumping or is a couple of big pumps to "launch" about all you want to do.
No clear and easy answers to this question.
Hope this helps,
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