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Default S-Type to learn super-x moves

I'm an OK baf slalom and open sea sailor, meaning not really into competition but pretty competent. Never interested in freestyle but now I just feel attracted to super-x type of sailing, to me it will be bump&jump with loops and spocks. Maybe push for a local super-x fun race. Problem: I never spocked or looped. I think I could start practicing with my Kombat 106 (could I ??) but decided to invest in a 2007 S-Type 104. Honestly would you start spock and loop training on a woodie? Side by side I would buy the woodie (it is soooo beautiful, Ferrari like) just for the looks but don't want to ruin my investment after the first failed spocks and loops. Is it really more durable? What's the deal with Technora? Is the gap between both construction methods smaller now?
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Default RE: S-Type to learn super-x moves

hey bro!
you CAN start practicing your spocks, or at least the volcan with your 106 kombat. check out this page, http://www.guycribb.com/page0076v01.htm it has some really really really really awesome guides, check them out! really helpful

looping then thats another story and I dont have that much experience as to help you with that but If you ask me I would go for it!

good luck and good winds!
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