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Default flip 360 help plus boards

Hey roger. used your help alot. I wsa just wondering. When I go to flip 360 I can backwind the sail and start my rotation fine but everytime I start to spin, the heel edge (first windward now leeward edge) digs deep into the water and I get thrown on my back. I was just wondering why this happens and how I can fix it. I have no problem sailing backwinded and I can sailbody 360 and heli tack really well. Maybe my foot should be more to the leeward edge to start off?

Also with your advice on sailing upwind and pumping, I am doing much better with the upwind bit. I went out for my eigth time and had no trouble going upwind.

Just wondering what your opinion is on another matter too. I am starting to look for a highwind board becasue my go 139 isn't that good for jumping (i managed a bit of a chop hop) and am not even going to try to front loop or willy skipper or anything else freestyle ariel stuff with it. It performs well in highwinds kind of. If I am into jumping freesrtyle and blasting/freeride.

Would you recomend the kombat or the flare?

What makes them different?

What size would you say would be good for a sailer who weighs 130 pounds and is going to gain more weight (im 16 so probably 150 tops), sails with a 5.0 and 6.6 in winds from 12 knots up i guess (when i would't use my go 139 becasue of the chop)?

Maybe would you recomend another board?

I just wanted to know so I can start to save up. lol

Thanks for your time


PS I still can't get any pictures of me planing or waterstarting yet. No movies either. My dad wasn't up the last time I went.
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Default RE: flip 360 help plus boards

Hi Thomas.

OK, the flip 360 or upwind 360. The amaount of flip you get will depend on how much you sink the tail for the second part of the maneuver.

The first part you have all the weight on your heels carving into the wind. Once the board is head to wind or has gone through the wind you put the rig forward and go back winded. The further you can get the board before you go back winded the easier it is. At this point you must change the angle of the board to the other side so the nose can slide. All your weight goes onto your toes especialy the toes of your back foot. As the nose slides round keep back winded and bring the mast towards the back of the board until you are dead downwind, then push the clew through the wind and open the sail. When you push the clew through the wind keep your weight back as there will be a lot of power. The biggest mistake people make is that they try to push the clew of the sail through the wind to early.

If you want to realy get into freestyle you will need a board around 100L. Obviously the best board will be the flares but the Kombat or large evo will do. It will depend on whether you want to learn wave sailing as well.

You can learn a lot of maneuvers and tricks on your Go. The more you can learn the easier it will be later when you change to a smaller board.

Just get out and play, maybe you can invent some new maneuvers.

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