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Default Lessons for kids


I live in Boyslton Massachusetts. I have two girls, ages 9 and 11. I would like them to learn how to windsurf this year. I will spend a lot of time at Fogland this year because it has the shallow bay for them to sail in.

I notice that you sail quite a bit at Ninegret Pond. Do you ever go up to Fogland and how do I go about arranging lessons for my girls? I will probably own a Starsurfer S and a Ripper 3.3 by the time the season starts.


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Default RE: Lessons for kids

Hi Peter,
Ninigret Pond is my usual sailing site as it is close to where I stay in RI. In mid-summer I do make it up to Fogland sometimes as it tends to have better wind most afternoons. I do most of my teaching at Ninigret, by appointment in advance, and depending on the weather.
I appreciate your interest in having me do lessons for your girls! But if you sail at Fogland most often (and it is certainly a shorter drive for you...), I would suggest finding Paul Lebeau who is usually there and teaches at Fogland in the summer. Paul works through North Winds in Bristol, or if you can find him at the beach. I don't like to trespass on someone else's territory so I usually go to Fogland for the sailing, or to demo gear.
At 9 and 11, the girls should be able to do quite well this summer. I have 2 greatnieces of about the same age and got them "launched" last summer. The kids rigs and the Starsurfer are a great combo!
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