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Default Hypersonic 133 DRAM vs formula


I've been using a FW board for several years and even racing at a local level. The reason why I use my formula is because in my spot wind is not very frequent... I do not race any more. I'm using an 11m sail as my unique rigg.

I'd like to change my board and maybe take a smaller rig (not sure of this yet) and try an Hypersonic, but I'm afraid to loose many windsurfing days... I know there's a difference between the ability to start planning between Hypersonic and a regular formula board. I just need to know how big is that difference.

My question is, if we were to use the same rigg and just change the board, how many knots later would I start to plane on a Hypersonic as compaired to a formula board? I know my question might be difficult to answer, but I think there night be a concrete answer or maybe a range.

Second question is, the sail range for that board goes to 10.4, is that sail area efficient for that board?


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Default RE: Hypersonic 133 DRAM vs formula

Hi Camilo,

Hard to answer your question but maybe my experience mighty be usefull. I think it will depend a lot on how much you weight.
I own a HS133 which I use mainly with Severne OD 8.5 on flattish fresh water lake.
At 66Kg I can plane almost at the same time as the bigger guys ,say 80+ Kg on FW and 11 m sails. Once on a plane they?re a bit faster in lower winds though.

I?m not sure if I can answer your 2nd question.
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