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Default A new sail addon for isonic 111

Dear Roger ,

I am thinking of getting a smaller sail for my isonic 111 to sail during NE monsoon. The wind strength during NE monsoon can range from 15 -25 knots. I weigh at only 52 kg and currently sailing on 2007 Isonic 111 with a 2006 6.4 m Maui Switch Sail (cross/slalom). I feel overpowered using my current rig during the peak of NE monsoon. This prompted me to change to a smaller rig. I am able to plane with my 6.4m when the wind strength get 10 knots and above.

Qn 1 : The smallest rig size for isonic 111 is only 5.8 and i wonder how much big difference it will make compare to my 6.4m? Do you think it is feasible to plant a 5.4m X type north sail (x/slalom) on it instead?

Qn 2: I have a additional 04' 7m naish evolution freeride sail. Should i sell away my 6.4m sail and maintain my sail quiver as 7m and 5.x something. Or should i maintain my sail quiver as 6.4 m and 5.4m?

Awaiting for your advice. Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

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Default RE: A new sail addon for isonic 111

Hello Blackhawk,
I see no reason why you cannot easily use your 5.4 m2 rig on the Isonic 111.
The sail range for the Isonic 101 is 5.5-8.5 m2, but I've used a 4.8 m2 Sailworks Hucker on it several times and it worked great.
Your iS 111 is a little larger and wider than the iS 101, so if you go out if more overpowered and roughter "monsoon" conditions, you can rig down to keep yourself from being overpowered by the rig, but you can't do much about the size of the board, so this will be the ultimate "limiting factor" here.
If you have a really nice flat water place to sail, that will help alot.
The "types" of sails you have could be another factor here.
Not sure of the availability of free race or race sails where you are, but these would (in general) be a bit better on the Isonic 111 than your free ride, super X and cross/slalom rigs.
I do not think selling off your 6.4 would be a good idea. 6.4-6.6 m2 are a real "sweet spot" for your boards, and I think alot more development goes into this size range so they have significantly better overall range and can be used easily in overpowering conditions better than perhaps any other sail sizes.
Hope this helps.
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Default RE: A new sail addon for isonic 111

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your quick reply. Since planting a sail size smaller than the recommended size for the board is okie, should i go for 5.0m instead so as not to overlap the wind range cover by 6.4m?

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Default RE: A new sail addon for isonic 111

Hi Blackhawk,
Well, it's not going to be quite that easy!
Since you have sails of several different types, and different types of sails have different low wind/high wind power, gust handling, and overpowered stability characteristics, it's going to be difficult to simply pick a size and have that be a good quiver spacing.
If you had all one brand of sails, and you knew the difference in power, shaping, gust handling and OP stability of sails in a range, then you could simply get a smaller rig and expect that it would rig pretty much the same, on the same mast brand/specifications.
You might get a 5.0 (or something close like the 4.8 SW Hucker that has about the same power as most 5.0--5.5 m2 rigs) that has just the power you want.
And then you could get a 5.0 m2 wave sail that has less power than say the 4.8 Hucker.
The types of sails here are:
Race sails..... lean mean slalom racing sails with several cams to give good top end stability, but less low wind power and a bit smaller range.
Free Race sails..... cambered or camless with good OP stability (but not as good as a race sail) good low wind power and a better range of tuning than the race sails.
Free Ride sails..... less low wind power, significantly less range overall, and less OP stability. In the smaller sizes (< 6.0 m2) these can be very good for bump and jump, just blasting, Super X etc.
Free style/ super X sails.... limited power (but not always) but they are easy handing for doing tricks and depower pretty well.
Wave sails.... very limited power, not much low wind performance, but very good at "depowering" when no power is needed/wanted on the wave face.
So, you see, you have to select carefully.
Your Isonic 111 is primarily designed as a fast slalom racing board.
It would probably work best with small race sails and free race sails.
Hope this helps,
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