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Default Reliving Old Times on a 2001 Start

Hi Roger

I used to be a regular poster here back around 2002-2003. The 2001 Start was my first serious board and I'm pretty sure I coined the phrase "start-a-holic" to describe a bunch of us who regularly used our Starts with big sails and big fins.

Anyhow, after 14 or so years, I just picked up a 2001 Start in great condition....even had the golfball centre fin and blank plate. I thought I would try to relive the old days on this board but really did not expect it to be too successful after all this time.

But I was really surprised how fast and fun it is, even with my 7.5m rig and the stock 40cm fin, as I have not had time to look for larger fins yet. It really flies, is early to plane and just a whole lot of fun.


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Hi Rod,
Yes, I remember you.
I still have a couple of the big Starts from way back when.
I use them when teaching for heavier weight students.
Haven't tried to plane on one recently as I have an Ultra-Sonic
147 for that.
I also don't have any sails larger than 9.2 m2.
The bigger sails just got too hard to deal with as I got older.
I still remember a photo taken on a very light wind day, on a 2001(??)
Start with a 10.5 m2 Sailworks Retro, and you can see the entire sail
mirrored in the smooth glassy water as I plane past the camera.
Good times!

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