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Default light wind board choice

I would like to get a new board for my son David, but one that I can also use.
I am 95 kg, he is 17 y/o 60kg but will likely be 75 kg in a yr or two
We have 2001 Go 180 and 2004 Carve 111.
Sails between 5.5 and 8.5.
he has been learning on the GO and doing great-- planing, hooked in, occasionally getting his from foot in the straps, but not water starting or gybing yet. The older Carve is too narrow for him to uphoal and tack comfortably.
The usual winds for us in Buzzards bay are 12-14 its , but often have good days 18-22.
So I would like to pick up a board for him for light wind, but also one that I can use in 17-20 knot range ( The carve for me is a light wind board , over 20 kts).
In 12 KTS he would use a 6.5 retro and i would be on the GO with 8.5 retro (I love this set up for light wind). Then for heavier wind I would step down to the new board and 6.5 and he down to Carve 111 and 5.5.
What would be a good board for us to pick up? The focus is to get him to progress with little frustration but then to not quickly outgrow this board. And for me to have something controllable in the mid wind range where the large GO just does not stay in the water.
Thank you
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Take a look at the Futura 117 and the Atomic IQ 114. Both are wider than the Carve 111 so they may work for your son to up haul now, and may be very good for you when the wind increases.
I'm having a little trouble understanding why a 60 kg (132 lb) teenager would be having a problem up hauling the Carve 111.
Sounds like there may be some technique issues mixed in with the smaller narrower board size.
Last Carve 111 I had was when I weighed 70 Kg 9155 lb.) and I had no problems up hauling even
some smaller Carves. The 111 was quite easy to up haul.
I sailed/raced on Buzzards Bay a couple of times and it can get very choppy in less wind than one might think, so that could be part of the up hauling problem as well.
Do you ever sail other places?
Hope this helps,
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Roger, thanks for replying.
I mis-stated his weight. He is 150 lbs. I am 215lbs.
The Carve 111 is enough volume for him not to sink it but it is tippy in the chop. This is what makes it difficult for him to up haul and to sail it in non-plaining mode which we have to do relatively often in our location (to get out to clean wind).
Do you think AtomIQ 114 is enough volume for both of us? I don't know anything about futura boards. I value feeling of stability and easy cruising. I was thinking 124 or CArve 151. Also, is AtomIQ too technical/squirmy due to its short length? How does futura fit in to our situation (since I don't know anything about it)
thanks again
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