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Default Fin for FF138

Hi Roger,

I have a "pristine" FF138 from 2004 and I am looking to upgrade the standard fin. Biggest sail is a 9.2m Gaastra GTX but probably the one I will use the most (and would like to optimise the fin for) is my 7.5 GTX. I weigh 70kg. Have an opportunity to buy a second hand Select R05C 64cm formula fin for a reasonable price and wondered if this would be suitable. I don't want to spend a fortune on the fin as I don't use the board that much. Not sure whether this fin is too big for the 7.5. Funny thing with the FF138, I'm actually trying to re - inspire myself, bought a Kona for the kids and in light winds tend to go out on it instead - I find the Kona much easier to control if the wind and chop picks up dramatically. I do know that there is a whole other side to the FF that I've never really come to terms with, we are pretty spoiled for good wind in Melbourne OZ - most people consider a 6.5 to be big!

The FF board is more aimed at light wind as I have an Isonic 101 to enjoy once it picks up a little.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Thank you,
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Default RE: Fin for FF138

Hi Jonathan,
The 64 cm Select Formula fin should make a pretty good upgrade on
the 96 cm wide FF138.
It might be a little too much for your 7.5 m2, but would give you bettter early planing on your big 9.2 m2 GTX.
As far as better handling, when it gets a little windier and rougher, where are you placing your mast foot?
The FF138 worked best for me with the mast foot from 1/2 to all the way back. I weight about the same as you do.
The board likes to be "free" (just on the brink of tailwlking) for the best speed and control over the chop.
Just let the board do what it needs to, try not to "over control" and I think you will find it's a magic carpet ride.
It tends to simply "float" over small chop, and you would be going a good bit faster, overall than on the Kona.
Hope this helps,
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Default RE: Fin for FF138


I'm at 65 kg. I went out on my F-Type 148 (basically the same board with a little more volume). I put an 8.0 Retro with a 68cm fin. When the wind was light, I was able to plane in very light conditions. But then the winds picked up (before the thunderstorm arrived). I was in good, powered up conditions and, for sure, the 68cm fin was too much. I should have been on something like 62-64cm. I wonder if 60cm would be better. I got over 20mph heading upwind and over 25mph heading on a broadreach. That magic carpet ride is great.

I almost went down to the iSonic 105, but the thunderstorms were forecast, so I stuck with the big board. It was a great day... wind direction resulted in little fetch. And I had the whole lake to myself... no boat wakes at all.
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Default RE: Fin for FF138

Thank you Roger and o2bnme. Sounds like the 64 would be good for the big sail but maybe I need a 60 or 62 to really suit the 7.5. The standard fin that came with the board (56 I think) would I guess be fine to small for the 7.5. Reading between the lines over various postings it seems that going to a quality 60cm fin as the smallest on a board of this width makes sense. I'm going to be in Maui in a few weeks so I will scrounge around all the shops and see what I can find. I will be collecting my new HotSails Superfreak 7.0 there too and perverse as it seems I'm quite looking forward to trying this on the FF138 for some light rig sea breeze cruising. The pointing ability and "get home factor" of the FF is one of the things I really love about it.

Appreciate your comments, I will experiment with mast track position too. I have the straps in the rearmost position and that seems fine.
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