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Default first board for kids

A friend has asked me which boards buy for kids (aged between 10 and 14 years).

I think that the board must easy to begin in windsurfing, but at the same time it must let to progress, because if not in a short time the board will be too big.

Which model is more adequate? and which volume?

I´d like the Rio S but i don´t know if is the best choice.

Thanks for all.
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Default RE: first board for kids

Hello lujoberner,
The Rio S could be a good choice as a first board, but as you suggest getting a first board that is too large, or has limited "post beginner"
performance, makes for a less than desireable situation.
Are there any windsurfing schools in your area of Spain?
Might be a better idea to take the kids to a good school and get them through the basic lessons (better with a profesional instructor who's not part of their family like mom/dad.
If your friend insists on teaching them, then if both kids are under 120 lbs. the Rio S could be a good choice.
If the 14 yr old is larger heavier, then the Rio M would be a better choice.
Be sure that they are taught on really lightweight modern trainer sails.
Lightweight powerful trainer sails make all the difference when teaching youngsters (oldsters as well).
The Rio's are a little "limited" in the advanced performance issues, so you might want to look at the Starsurfer M as it's a great little board to learn on, but has alot of potential for advancement.
It's really the Kombat Aero Hull with an EVA deck and center fin box.
Hope this helps,
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Default RE: first board for kids

My children are 9 and 11, and the heaviest weighs 90 lbs. I purchased the Starsurfer S for them and they really enjoy it. Granted it is more tippy than a big stable Go, but with a small sail and light breeze they were moving in ten minutes. It is very easy for them to tack. I use a rope attached to the center fin so I can drag them back when they get in trouble.

Here is the best part. I tried it this weekend in 25 knot winds with a 5.6 Hucker. I have never used a board that could rip a jibe like this one. Wholly crap! ALso, due to its lack of a nose (i believe), the thing just stuck to the water. I figured it would fly away in the really big gusts....not a chance.

Get a board that has better performance "for your kids" vs a big wide door type board. "They" will really appreciate it.
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Default RE: first board for kids

Hi Dino,
Please try again with your post.
I suggest using the "Ouick Reply" box down at the bottom of the page.
Maybe you did that already, but all that came through are an image/photo locator and several lines with no text.
I deleted it as there was nothing communicated.
If you want to paste in a photo or a link you have to insert it BETWEEN the locator brackets.
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