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Default iS-145 help

Hi Roger,
I know you have this board for a while so you probably can help me with some issues.
I am 73-75kg, have changed my good old F155W (was on it for 5 years) to the 'closest' match, I think, - the iS145W.

Now, to the point: although the early planing looks to me even earlier than my F155, I am having problem going as high upwind on my new iS145. I feel I put too much (almost all) weight on my forward leg - what setting in my equipment should I change?

I believe the stance on iS145 is different from F155, but I still can not find the correct one (please, some explanations and tips!)

Also, currently I am sailing the iS145 with 9.4 2cam sail, using 58cm fin and even 66cm when wind is <=8knots (amazingly, it works!)
Any tips on fins for iS145?

I want to add 7.5 sail - is it too small for this board? (My next down sail is 6.3 and 85 wave board...)

Many thanks in advance,
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Default RE: iS-145 help

Hi Paul,
I don&#39;t have as much time on the Isonic 145 as I would like.
WS Magazine had the board I have for several months during their board tests last winter when I was in Florida and sailing alot.
I&#39;m not sure about thether one can expect similar upwind performance between the Is 145 and a Formula 155. I would think they would be similar, if you use the same fin, but the Isonic is a bit faster and probably not quite so good upwind and way off the wind most likely due to the tail design.
All I can suggest is to really get cranked up ane then go upwind totally on the fin with the lee rail down slightly, pushing across the top of the fin really hard with the back foot and pulling up slightly (to maintain the slightly lee rail down roll trim angle) and see what you get.
With the smaller 58 cm fin, I don&#39;t think you can expect really high upwind angles, but probably significantly better speed on a reach.
How high are you running your boom.....same height as the F-155?
I&#39;d try the boom quite a bit lower as the first "adjustment". Slalom sailors on slalom boards (even wide ones like the Is 145) tend to run booms much lower than on formula boards (even classic formula boards like the F-155.
Stance would probably be a littlemore upright, so shorten your lines and lower the boom (if you&#39;ve developed the comtemporary "formula board" high boom, way out off the rail stance).
7.5 m2 is certainly not too small for the Is-145. Unlike Formula boards, the Isonics can carry quite a range of sail sizes, so 7.5 may be getting near the lower limit, you can adapt your stance and change fins to get really good speeds in the 15-20 knot range.
Also, you may still be sailing with your 9.4 m2 rig in conditions that were OK with the F-155, but where an 8.5m2 might be much faster and easier to handle.
Hope this helps,
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