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Default Go and Futura 2008

I followed the 3 step guide towards choosing the right board and I selected GO or FUTURA in the volume range of 133 and 144 litres. I have the following questions:
Are the right volumes for my weight (80 Kg. /176.600 lb.) or 155 litres is better?
In percentage, which is the weight difference between TUFSKIN and TECHNORA or WOOD?
Thank you for your kind attention.
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for your weight a 133 L board is enough, if you're level is adequate enough and if the conditions you sail in cover the sailrange of the 133 boardrange. and with adequate you don't have to picture much, just basic stuff, tacking, going back and forth on a board, and balance (but in the end, if you buy yourself a board you adapt your balance to it, so thatn ot really a problem).
The weight issue is a bit harder to answer because it's hard to give a comparison, especially in %. But it's easy to state that tuffskin is heavier then technore which is heavier then wood. Also, there's a difference in weight all together between the Go and the Futura. The go's are progressive boards and in the past they were always a few K's heavier then the carve's, so i suppose this year is no exception.
so basicly all you need to do now is consider which level you're at: mre progressive, need to learn waterstart, in need of a forgiving board with still a good speed I support the Go 100 % (mainly bacause i own one, 139 from 2006 which has only failed me once or twice). If you think you're ready for it, and you really want to blast you should go for the futura (wood or technora, the weight diff is always relative and on the water it doesn't bother you that much)
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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Hi Alfananni,
The boards that resulted from your using the "my board" feature may be right on, and on the other hand, the results could use a little "tweaking".
The volume sounds OK for a sailor with the basics already learned (uphauling, beach starting, tacking, flare jibing, etc.)
What sort of windspeed and sail sizes are the other sailors using where you intend to sail?
Volume is not the only criteria here.
If you have light winds, you may want a more floaty and wider board to take advantage of it's early planing capabilities.
If you have stonger winds, and rougher sea conditions, then a smaller/narrower board with better performance in chop and swell, with smaller rigs, may be better.
As far as the % difference in the weights, since no weights are currently listed for the '08 boards, I cannot address that.
If they are anything like the previous years boards, the Wood will be a pound or 2 less than the Technora and the Tufskin will be about 2-3 lbs. heavier than the Technora, so the percentages (based on an average 20 lb. board) will be <= 10%.
Hope this helps,
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I weigh 168lbs and I purchased the Carve 145, despite it being bigger than what I need. I was sick of being stuck on the beach and I wanted a board that had float but still "turny".

I love the extra float of the board and I find it to be perfect in winds from 12 to 18 knots. Don't let volume discourage you but a lot will depend upon where you sail. When the wind is light in my area, it can be very inconsistent so I needed something that got me through the lulls. The board is no slouch when it picks up a bit. Although I will hang on to a 9.0 as long as possible, this board excels in 7.0 conditions (which gets me to gusts in the low twenties). It is a joy to sail even when overpowered. The outboard footstraps definately help when it is blowing.

It also handles the chop, slop, swells etc. I would think the Futura will even be better.
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thank you for your quick reply.
I wish Roger a speedy recovery.
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