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Question Hanging on to the uphaul rope when on plane


I noticed some racers hold their uphaul lines (instead of the boom) with their front hand when on plane (to lean even more to the side I presume).
Is that a technique to stay on plane in extremely light wind or a way to get the maximum upwind angle?

Any other tips on when and how to use it?

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Hi Marek,
I'm not sure, you would have to ask the "racer" who is sailing that way what he/she gains by holding the uphaul vs the front hand on the boom.
My guess would be (as I do this alot) that there may not be any huge "advantage" to doing this but it's more comfortable.
Hope this helps,
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I have a friend who is a very good sailor (competed in slalom in EuroCup), and sometimes I see he does that. He says it gives better angle upwind. I believe it's not for small gear and/or when overpowered.
To me, it's not very comfortable (even if you get a little better angle), so I don't care.
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