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Default Best Board for Young Beginner

Hello, you have heard this question probably thousands of times but hope still respond. My son, 12 years of age and 45kg, has completed a basic windsurfing course during our recent holidays. He has learned on a Fanatic Boards, I guess around 200 l, with Daggerboard. He is able to sail up and down and also (a bit) upwind.

He shows clear interest in continuing, which would be great because it would give an alley in the family . What would be the best board for him to continue learning. Obviously I don't want him to overstretch to prevent he loses interest. At the same time I would like to get a board that "grows" with him, so that we don't have to buy a new one soon.

AS indicated before I would appreciate some guidance. If you have answered this elsewhere a link would be great.

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Default RE: Best Board for Young Beginner

Hi Thomas,
This is just a quick answer, as I'm "in between trips" at the moment.
I think I would suggest either the Rio S or the GO 139 with a set of the
side fins.
12 year olds that weigh 45 Kg. (99.2 lbs.) tend to grow quickly.
The Rio S is 150 liters, and has a centerboard so he should be right at home on this board and progressing quickly.
He will probably be planing and in the straps in a few sessions.
The Rio S is pretty good a an early planing short board, so he has that to look forward to, Just retract the centerboard as soon as he no longer needs it in planing conditions.
If you prefer, the GO 139 can be used with the side fins until he'a planing, then take them off and he will have a great little shortboard that should last him until he grows to 65-68 Kg. when he will need something larger for lite winds.
Hope this helps,
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Default RE: Best Board for Young Beginner


Thanks for your response. I appreciate that you responded while you are between trips and don't have much time. I am leaning towards the Rio because I assume that although you mention that the Go 139 could be a good short board it might be better to go for a more "lively" junior short board. The reason is that I assume it won't be too easy for him to jibe /gibe with a board width like the Go due to his weight - or am I off the mark (I recognise there is a Kids Go with 100l and width of 76cm available)?

One other, unrelated question. Would it make more sense to learn using the footstraps before using a harness, or should it be the other way around. Or does it not matter at all?

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Default RE: Best Board for Young Beginner

Hi Thomas.

I have the 2005 Start S. Which is the same as the Rio S.

It is a great board. I use this board in none planning conditions with a very light 4m sail. It is great for old school freestyle and learning sail and body positions for the modern freestyle.

There are 3 groups of positions for the footstraps. I would recomend the middle group. You do not realy plane in this position but it is the best for learning. Also the realationship is the same as for a short board.

The kids on the beach love this board. when I come in for a rest they all want to use it. So it is on the water all day.

The most important thing is to have the correct sails. When they are to big the learning curve for children is very slow. The correct size it is amazing how fast they learn.

Remember with children there are no rules, the only thing they must learn is to come back where they started. Children have invented most of the new freestyle by playing.

Foot straps or harness first. If you put footstraps on the board and give them a harness they will use them when they want.

If you can sail where there are other children sailing they will learn by themselves. One works out something new the others copy, so they learn much faster. They watch the good guys and copy, it is interesting to see what they see.

There are a group of us who love to do light wind freestyle so when we are out there is also a group of kids with us trying to copy.

It is getting near the end of the season so get him on the water as much as you can. Remember he needs light winds.
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