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Default larger Huckers in the future?

Hi Roger,

Do You know if Sailworks will make a larger Hucker in the future?

Other manufacturers now have "powersails" in larger sizes, for instance the Severne Glide 7.5 and North Prisma 7.5 and 8.5.

I think it would be very nice to have a larger Hucker, something like a 7.5-7.8, that has the power of a 9 m sail.

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Hi again Roger,

I read another thread where You wrote about the Sailworks Retro 7.5 vs the Severene Glide 7.5:

QUOTE=Roger;8737]Hi Michael,
No, I haven't had the Glide out in more than around 12 knots/Gusts to maybe 15.
I'm pretty sure that's not the "concept" of the Glide and other examples of the new "power sails".
I have a whole set of Sailworks Huckers and they provide the extra drive and lift in a similar manner to the Glide, but the largest Hucker is a 6.6 m2 and since the Huckers are more a bump and jump or high wind jumping in the the Gorge concept (unless you rig them with very high tension for slalom racing) the Glide "stands out" as a light wind sail, and it's built much lighter than the Huckers.
The largest 6.6 Hucker is almost comparable to my 7.5 m2 Retro, but I think the Glide 7.5 m2 has a bit better low wnd than the 7.5 Retro.
I'm interested in doing a head to head test of the 7.5 Retro vs the 7.5 Glide on a couple of different boards (the Apollo being one of them.
The Serenity does not compare here as it "operates" in a completely different mode and in far less windspeed.
Hope this helps,[/QUOTE]

Have You had the chance to compare these sails?

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Hi Filip,
I cannot answer your question about a larger Hucker.
I think a number of sailors (me included) have encouraged Bruce P. (Sailworks Owner/Designer) to consider a larger Hucker, but I haven't heard anything about him
actually working on a larger design.

As far as the Retro 7.5 vs Severne Glide 7.5, I also encouraged Bruce to take a Glide for a sail.
I actually sailed the Glide 7.5 m2 quite a bit last year as when I put it on the super light 460 Redline 100% carbon mast and used a very light but very stiff older WS Hawaii all carbon boom I had a 7.5 m2 rig that weighed about the same as most 6.-6.5 m2 rigs.
The very expensive (but very light weight) fabric up in the top of the Glide makes the sail feel super light.
It's got very good low wind power with it's 3 cams.
But, I'm not sure the market is there for 7.5 or 8.5 m2 sails that are super light, super powerful, but cost twice as much.
To me, who doesn't have to pay for my sails, the super expensive stuff is so nice, I always tend to use it. To those of you who have to pay your hard earned money for
the super light/super powerful but costly rigs with pricey masts and booms, I think the designers are going to have to make them alot lighter, or alot more powerful before they sell a whole lot of them.
Also, limited production keeps the price high.
I'm looking forward to getting back on the water after my surgery pretty soon, and my first testing will be the on the new '08 Retro.
Hope this helps,
P.S. If you really want a larger Hucker, and are willing to pay for the develpment, I think Bruce P. would be amenable to making you one as a custom sail.
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Thanks Roger,

Next year I will use the 4.8, 5.6 and 6.6 Huckers and a 8.0 (2005) Retro.

I have thought about replacing the 8.0 Retro with a 7.5 Glide. The reason is that I guess the 7.5 Glide would give me a lighter feel, a little easier handling, and a bit more low end power than the 8.0 Retro. Do You think my guesses are right?

I now have two 460 Speedstick masts, and I don´t feel like buying a Severne Redline mast.

Do You think the Speedstick 460 would work with the 7.5 Glide?

Nice to hear that You will be able to go out on the water soon! I´d be very interested to hear what You think about the new 8.0 Retro, and how it compares to the 7.5 Glide.

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