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Default Fin Size S-Type 2007 Vs. 2005


I have got an S-Type 104 and with a 6.5 the fin seems to be a little bit too small(especially if I want to go upwind with outboard straps).
When I sail with the 5 m and with the straps inboard the fin is OK.
Could you please tell me why the standard fin for the new model is so much bigger than the previous one.
I have got a chart from the Select fin Brochure and for a 105 Super X board they suggest :
sail - fin
4,7 - 27 cm
5 - 29
5,2 - 31
5,7 - 31
6 - 33
6,2 - 35
6,5 -35

What do you think about this table: is it correct for my board?
(I usually prefer the outboard strap position)
If not, could you please change it with the right values?
Thank you!!
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