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Default Smaller sail

My smallest good shape sail is Retro 5.0. What smaller size should I get for 85L board. I am 170lb.

Hucker 4.2 ….you said once it works like 4.5-4.8, so no good…or good ??

Hucker 3.7 ..too small…I think

Revo 4.2 or Revo 4.0 or !@#


Ps. What is water temperature in sound.
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Hi Jesenko,
I think the Sailworks Hucker 4.2 might be just the sail you are looking for if you are sure you are really "detuning" your 5.0 Retro when you start to get overpowered.
If so, the "wider than normal tuning range of the Hucker 4.2 should cover any conditions between your 5.0 Retro and a 4.0 Revo.
Another option (with a bit less overall range) would be a 4.5 m2 Retro, or a 4.6 m2 Revo.
These 2 won't tune down as far as the 4.2 Hucker, but if you are only going up to 25 knots or so (for sure < 30) then they might work well for you.
Water temp in the sound is pretty warm, but as always, it depends on what fronts are coming through.
I've sailed in Mysterioso shorts and a neo rash guard once this year.
The reports I'm getting is that the temps in the Pamlico Sound are 60 deg. F or higher.
Hope this helps,
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Thanks for advice for Hucker 4.2. I bought it and used it a lot this spring. Great sail.

But now I have another problem.

Since I busted my Retro6.0 last week, I’ve decide to sell my Retro5.0 and replace both Retro5.0 and 6.0 with Hucker5.6

So, Gator7.5, Hucker 5.6, Hucker 4.2…it’s all I need with freeride 110L and 85L boards

I have ZFree 460…...for G75
JoyStick430……for H56
LipStick400……for H42

I think I will need one more mast to extend range of H56 in order to fill up gap between 5.6 and 7.5. so, which one BackBone 430or 460 ???
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