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Default "New" Retro!

Hi Roger!
Have you tried the new designed retro? Is there any difference in feeling from the "old" one? And compared to say... the glide, which you also use. I'm intrested in buying a 7.5.
Best regards
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Hi mrpalmer,
I have an '08 Retro 7.5 m2, but I have not had the chance to test it against the '07 7.5 Glide.
My guess would be that the Glide will have a little more low end (deeper draft throughout the entire sail) but the new Retro 7.5 will be faster on the top end, give
a little better stability overall, and have a greater tuning range.
I've been working on ships pretty much non-stop lately, so I'm behind quite a bit on my
'08 testing. I hope to spend more time on the water next week prior to the Windfest in Hatteras at Frisco Woods 4/17-4/19 2008.
I will have new '08 Retros in 8.5/7.5/6.5/5.5 m2 sizes (plus some new Revo's and a full set of Huckers) at Windfest so come on out and try them.
Hope this helps,
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