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Default Wide Wood Board (FT138) vs Popsicle Stick

Wide Wood Board (FT138) vs Popsicle Stick
- planes earlier
- rides faster
- takes a larger sail
- takes a larger fin

Popsicle stick
- will last longer than one season
- much cheaper
- much lighter
- yummy icecream attached
- fits in any handbag

To make it clear: Wide wood board
- do not use frequently (too much stress, likes to hang above the fireplace instead)
- do not gybe (you might place your feet ON the board, in that case it will break)
- do not pump (you will issue a bit of pressure ON the board, in that case it will break)
- do not ride over chop (magic carpet effect == board will take slight blows that will be caught with your feet pushing against the straps, pushing the board over the chop: in that case footstraps AND base will tear out of board)
- do not use fins, they only get cracked up by finbox.

It could be that I was unlucky and got a faulty board, but *b doesn't see it that way.
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