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Default AERO Choice

I'm an intermediate windsurfer. I started 1 year ago but I stayed a lot in the water.
I recently bought an AERO 127 Wood, because of this reasons:
- home spots winds: 8 to 15 knots (an average of 12 we can say)
- sails most used: 6.5 and 7.5
- on-shore conditions, little long waves (up to 1.5m)
- My weight: 74 kg
I feel very confortable with the AERO, fast planning and very manovrable.
Do you think I did the right choiche or thare could be better boards for me?

Thanks a lot!
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Default RE: AERO Choice

If you like the board you jave, then there is little need to think about "what would have been" if you should have choosen another model. Given your sail and weight, the A117 would work well too and soo could an EVO 90 or 91 or a Kombat 106/107, but again, if you're happy with what you're on then everything is fine.
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