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Default Heading out

Hello Roger,
I am ashamed to say that tomorrow will be my first salt water time with my new Hybrid Carve. The winds at Ninigret are forcasted to be 10-15. I am hoping to get the 7.5 Rushwind Strike and the board onto plane with my 195 lbs. I have read almost all the threads on planing and have toyed with the idea on the board. I have not had the sustained wind to get the board onto plane. Slow and steady sounds like the way to go. As the board accelerates, I should move back and progressively put my weight onto the harness. In the end, the feet are only a push pull steerage and the main weight is on the harness. Is this right?
I hope Ellen is around to give me some on-the-water feedback. I would love to take a lesson. At any rate, 65 degrees and good wind with a wetsuit should be heaven.
Good sailing.
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Default RE: Heading out

Hello JP,
Yes, your description sounds about right.
Head a little off the wind, move back progressively, at a rate that
keeps your board steadily accelerating, and you should simply slide onto a plane very easily.
Hope this helps,
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