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Tim Fast
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Default Fin Size Recommendation for ST115

Hi ,

i finally got a new ST115 , i am very curios to see and feel it on the water. In preparation of the next surf trip i would like to get your adivse for the appropriate fin sizes.

I intend to use the board as high-wind slalom board with NP RS 6.2/6.7 and NP V8 7.5. I think the standard fin (33cm) would be close to ideal for the 6.2. How about the 7.5 ? My weight is 95 kg and i like to go out in well (over-)powered conditions.

What would you recommend for sails below 6sqm? I can think of using the ST also as a freeride board in moderate onshore conditions (e.g with NP Search 5.4).

Which fin manufacturer you recommend? Can i buy Drake fins somewhere in germany?

You recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Thx and regards

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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Fin Size Recommendation for ST115

Hi Tim,

If you're fully slalom racing, you may like to hotrod the ST115 with some full race/slalom fins, which work quite well with ST when used in "slalom" mode (c/w SuperX or freeride mode/s). The choice of fin style also affects the respective sizing/s (as the stock 33 (2006) ) is a more mixed freerace/freeride 33, which for your size will be good for medium or light 6.2m / typical 6.7m / well powered 7.5m conditions.
If you take a more vertical race fin, for that range the size will be more like 34 or even 36cm, for lighter 7.5 consider race 36-38cm - and for 5.4m onshore freeride, consider something lower aspect but still fast like the stock freeride style but sized 28(30max) cm.

Yes, you should be able to buy Drake original fins in Germany, if any problems please contact German National Distributor :

APM Marketing GmbH
Ph : 49 89 89511170
Fax : 49 89 89511172

Herr Stadler und Herr Mencke sind sehr Spa?kerle

Cheers ~ Ian

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