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Default Terrible website


On each individual board page, there are NO PICTURES of the board in question aside from the header action shot. This is a HUGE mistake.

You use words to DESCRIBE the board you refuse to show me. Ever hear the little phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words"? (for example, the Acid and EVO have some sort of spiralling vee "power steering" bottom shape, but I can only guess since there's no pictures to know what the heck is going on.

Someone had the idea in their head to have a lean, clean website. The loss has been that there's no detail on the boards and for folks who don't have a shop nearby and want to check out the boards, there's no way for them to do so. Thus, they'll look elsewhere for boards (ie. Naish, RRD, etc.).


If the Hybrid Race and Formula Experience go to the same page, WHATS THE POINT?!


From the main menu, how do you get to the login page? And when you do login, it sends you to the home page, not to the forum page you were trying to get to in the first place. Silly and annoying.

"Starboard powered website"

What the heck is this? In the forum section, this is a "bread crumb" navigation feature, but it goes to the wrong page (logically).

Servers are cheap - this website is so slow. Buy some fast servers. ;-)

Why is the new site always so unstable the first few weeks when you launch it? I've been running high availability clustered websites for 15 years now and I can't imagine what the heck is going on behind the scenes here. Starboard claims all this quality, but the website seems to be an afterthought.

As for the boards - I've been a happy Starboard sailor for many many years, but the trend of the line is towards obscurity and not real world utility. Such a shame. I'd recommend Starboard simplify the lineup and give a clear indication to the buyer what board will work for them. (same concept for sail makes like Severne who have sails in their lineup that I've been told "don't exist") With this sort of crap going on, (and I suspect that there are boards in the Starboard lineup that will never see a high volume production line) how are you supposed to take the manufacturer serious?

Sorry that this has turned into a rant.
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Default RE: Terrible website

Actually (in reality) maybe more of a rant than you realise

" there are NO PICTURES of the board in question aside from the header action shot. This is a HUGE mistake..."

I agree we can (and will) show more board detail, however the board images ARE (and WERE) there. Did you click that little link that says"click here for more detail" ??

And what you see there now is less than was available on roll out :
(where each version of every size board was visible)
there's definitely been some issues (some could be expected, some could not) with the new website rollout and what you are looking at now (or on the 19th, when you posted the judgement) is not what we had originally, not what we will finish with either. Right now it's been patched to basic level to meet with some OS/browser mix issues.

There are content issues and there are server issues, these are well identified along with solutions, which will be implemented ASAP but in a manner that does not introduce more short term outage either (like propogation delays for another server transfer upgrade).

What's been interesting too is watching people's different reactions to this.
Some have shown patience and tolerance, others have rushed to throw fuel on the fire.
Some have sought or offered solutions, others just jumped for a chance to critisize.
Everyone's got their own attitude. Here. And in life.

It's been a mess, below our standards, and pretty frustrating for a lot of us - along with our users and customers. We know it can and will be better.
Thanks for reminding us..
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Default RE: Terrible website

Starboard try this .... and maybe find more experienced staff ..

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Default RE: Terrible website

Hate to say it, but I don't like this registered forum, either. Now I have to use my real name.
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Default RE: Terrible website

For a different perspective.

I thank Starboard for finally requiring registration. It took the edge off some great serious and educational discussions to have unacceptable distractions from anonymous contributors.

Since I am a computer neophyte, I have done some struggling with the new format, and the initial delays were frustrating, but as i learn and as Starboard gets the kinks out, I am appreciating the enhanced features.

Overall I think that it is a step in the right direction and I wish Starboard success to continue to improve what i consider the best windsurfing forum.
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how high
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Default RE: Terrible website

surfer chill out are you that quick of the blocks in bed
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Default RE: Terrible website

Registration is a joke, actually. Nothing prevents a malicious poster from registering under different handles, some very close to the posters they are attacking or trying to discredit. Then, if the administrators try to ban them, they only can actually do it temporarily. Your IPS number is always changing. Now, it's very hard to keep stalkers out. They can easily find the messages of their targets because the targets are fixed.
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