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Default ACID 80 ???'s for IAN FOX!!

Hi Ian

Just after some further info on Acid 80. I currently ride an 05 wood 80 for high wind bump & jump - NO down the line wavesailing.

I weigh 85 kilos.

Would changing for an 06 80 in wood be an upgrade? I noticed you preferred the 06 to 07 for bump & jump. I respect your opinion as you like to go fast like me...but wondered if I should wait until 08 and stick with 05 for now?

I sail down to 3.7 with a 20cm fin and then it is mega windy here in Tarifa. Largest sail 4.5 or 4.7 with a 22cm fin.

Just want to make the right board choice...I am presuming 74 would be too small. Wind here is cross off from the left and I like early planing - not wallowing waiting for wind? and control - speed for jumps...you get the picture...

Would the extra width of 06 & 07 board change their chop eating character?

Thanks in advance...Mark

btw - Ola recommended 07 74 but I am not convinced...
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Ian Fox
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Default RE: ACID 80 ???'s for IAN FOX!!

Hi Mark,

Please excuse the delay, been away from www access and travelling a lot.

In the mix of A80(05) PA80 (06) and PA80 (07), for my money the PA80 06 is the faster and best choice for big boys rough water B&J. There is no doubt the PA80(07) turns better and is an (even better) pure wave toll (in fact, what it is intended for !!??) but 06 has the dge in rough water speed/B&J (not really what PA is originally about, but does very well anyway..)

I agree the concept of a "wider" board (PA80 06) c/w previous should go against the chop eating - and in pure reality it may just EVER so slightly - but the overall package of speed/range/control (etc) on the 06 cerainly makes it a compelling choice over the previous boards in this size range (some of which themselves were pretty special).

For 08 I can't see the PA becoming more "speed" re-oriented c/w wave performance - as 07, it's a fast waveboard for sure, corners really well but just lacks the tiny extra top end "spanking" speed the 80 06 can deliver at the critical B&J moments - which for me makes the 06 a "keeper" for now.

I would agree with Ola that the 80's(all) are a bit large for mid or light weight riders considering mega wind conditions (4.2 and below) but especially for a mid heavy rider who prefers a "bit more" board for a given set of conditions, the PA80 (06) would still be a good choice in this situation (maybe in really truly fully loaded 4.2 to 3.7 conditions for 85kg rider, the PA74 is a better size but the behaviour of the 80 [with bigger riders] remains very good ). Also the rail shape in 06 is quite different between 80 (harder edged) and the 74 (more rounded Evo style) so the performance differs from factors other than size(volume) alone.

Hope this helps solve the character/performance side of the choice, the question about the 80 being "too big" remains a close/r call. If you are happy with the size/range of your current A80 05, and wish to remain on a similar performance size, then the other choice (05 vs 06 vs 07) in that situation is pretty easy.

Cheers ~ Ian

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Default RE: ACID 80 ???'s for IAN FOX!!

Great, thanks for your informative reply Ian.

Fortunately I have sold my 05 and even more fortunately the local Starboard shop has an 80 from 06 on order.

Looking forward to getting on the water when the Levante starts blowin' again in the Spring!
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