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Default theyr.net deception

For anyone who used the theyr.net forecasting service:

The theyr.net domain has been captured by a competing company who are implying from the fine print that the original service in in receivership. I received an email from the 'one true theyr' this morning explaining the position and stating that they are now theyr.tv. If you log on there you will see that it is still the same.

This may or may not be against the law, but in either case is a despicable attempt to capture customers by deception. The chaps in Iceland have been offering a superb service for many years and I for one will be sticking with them for as long as they are in business.


--mail from theyr below--
Dear Theyr.net customer,

our new address is theyr.tv

Due to an unfortunate development, we have lost our
domain name theyr.net to an associate of ours who
has chosen to use it to offer a different weather
service. This was done without our consent and without
prior notice.

We have therefore been forced switch the service you
know and love to a new domain: theyr.tv

Please rest assured that our true and tried service to
you will continue at the new address.

We the undersigned are the designers, implementors and
operators of the theyr.net service that you subscribe
to and depend on.

We hope that you will continue to support us in the
future as we pledge to support yoYours sincerely for theyr.tv (http://theyr.tv):

Bjorn Erlingsson
Bjorn R. Bjornsson

support@theyr.tv .
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