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Default Severne SSR Cam Rotation

Hi Guys,
can you help me with information on how to suitably rig SSR sails. I have two new SSR's, the 5.6 and 6.6, and am aware of how to rig and de-rig these sails, however I am experiencing cam rotation problems when sailing. They do not easily rotate after jibing or tacking. I must get off the board and push the cam above the boom with my hand or head in order to get it and then the rest of the cams to rotate.
Can you please provide me with some guidance to alleviate this problem?
Thanks and regards
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Default RE: Severne SSR Cam Rotation

Hi Geoff,
What mast (s) you using in your 5.6 amd 6.6 SSR sails?
What year model are these sails?
From the Severne Sails archive, I see the following specs for the
Size/luff/boom/rec. mast.
6.6 461 193 Fixed 460 S-Racing
5.6 428 184 Fixed 430 S-Racing
So, to get the best performance and cam rotation you would need
two masts.
A 460 cm IMCS 25 race mast for the 6.6 m2 SSR with no or a couple of cm of mast extension, and a 430 cm IMCS 23 race mast with no extension for the 5.6 SSR.
Have you examined the front "saddle" area of the cams to ensure that the cams are fitting onto the mast smoothly so they can rotate easily?
Sometimes a little "smoothing" of any high spots in the front of the cam can make a huge difference in how your sail rotates.
Also, are you sure you are getting enough downhaul to really "clean up" the front of the sail.
If you don't get enough downhaul on a 4 cam sail, the cams will not be "loaded" properly and the cams will tend to "knuckle" where they interface with the battens. This can really hurt the smooth rotation of the cams.
Since it's the cam above the boom that's "sticking" (also the cam and batten that are most affected by downhaul, or lack of enough downhaul) I'd guess that you either have a mast compatability issue or you simply are not getting enough downhaul to pull that cam back to an angle where it will rotate smoothly.
Hope this helps,
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Default RE: Severne SSR Cam Rotation

Hi Geoff,

Maybe it's that dodgy dealer who sold them's fault (!!??? )
(only joking Cam, honest !!)

I'm not sure what mast you ended up with for these sails ?
SSR can definitely be a bit fussy about mast/cam interface tolerances.

Most likely some minor cam filing (small amount off the batten end of the back face of the cam. No that's the cam, not "the Cam") to set them up just "right" but in my experience it is also worth a few sessions to let the sail bed in a bit more before going too hard with the file.. Yes, I agree that's a pain but it works (best).

Final thought is maybe take a file to The Cam as well, that might work even better

Let us know how you go, we can help you out if need be.
(That's help on fixing the rotation, not working Captain Cremaster over)

Cheers ~ Ian
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Default RE: Severne SSR Cam Rotation

Hey Roger ???n Ian,
Thanks for the feed back.
Both sails are 2006 models.
For the SSR 5.6, I use a KA 55% x 400 mast.
For the SSR 6.6 I am experimenting. I have used it with both an Arrows 70% x 430 and NP 50% x 460 mast.
I know the 460 is the recommended, but subjectively feel the 430 performs better. Seems to deliver and retain the power a little smoother (if that makes sense). Cam rotation characteristics on both the 430 and 460 masts are about the same.
Finally the last piece of the puzzle is a NP 48 cm carbon mast extension.

I don???t think the problem relates to down haul tension, Roger. Ian took a look at my set up recently and gave the overall look of the sail the thumbs up. Besides I use a downhaul crank which I recon is the best bit of kit in my bag. It allows me to effortlessly apply as much tension as I want rather than as much tension as I can, to the sail.

That points me to how smooth the cam surface might be - especially as I have detected wear and abrasion marks appearing on the masts where the cams sit.

Ian, I like your idea of ???do nothing for now??? and let the sails settle in, but will check the cam contact area (saddle) for smoothness and give them a polish, before I start on any major surgery.

Ian you might be right on there, The Cam could possibly do with some rough edges removed too. Hey, I wonder if we can get the ???Captain Cremaster??? to stick.

Thanks Guys,
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Default RE: Severne SSR Cam Rotation

Hmm the quotation marks have come out as question marks. Cool,,,
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