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Default Flare or Kombat '06?

I have the opportunity to buy either a used Kombat 96 in excellent condition, or a new Flare 104, both at a good price.
The freeride/wave crossover abilities of the Kombat have always appealed to me, I'm not sure however about it's early planing and top speed in 4 strap mode.
The Flare is also tempting as it's supposed to be fast, early planing and is the best looking board *board ever made.
Both boards are D-Ram.

So, between the two, which is best at:

1) Early planning
2) Popping (flatwater)
3) Jumping of a ramp
4) Response in footsteering, gybing, carving, backside waveriding
5) Acceleration
6) Upwind with a 23-25cm fin
7) Top speed
8) Non-planning freestyle

About me: I'm 70-75kg (season depending), bump & jump sailing mostly, good gyber, love jumping, crap @ duck jibes, have attempted my first spin loops & backloops (ouch!) , just learned body drags. I'm kinda getting bored sailing in straight lines so would like to try basic fs stuff like vulcans, upwind 360s, but i don't really know if I'll be able to commit.
About 60% of my sailing is in a flatwater bay powered by thermal wind (sails 5.2-6.5), and the rest in mediterranean coastal conditions (1-2,5m waves, sails 3.7-6.5).

I know I ask too much, so the board has to be quite versatile. I also own a 75lt classic style waveboard for 5.2 or smaller.
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Default RE: Flare or Kombat '06?

My take:

1) Early planning

Flare, but with some technique the difference is minimal.

2) Popping (flatwater)

Flare, no doubt.
3) Jumping of a ramp

No big difference. Different feel, but hard to say either is better than the other.

4) Response in footsteering, gybing, carving, backside waveriding

Kombat. The Flares jibes great, but preferably with a super comited style and even then quite drawn out, alsmost race jibe style.

5) Acceleration

Flare. Kombat is good too, but the Flare just glides better and accelerates faster.

6) Upwind with a 23-25cm fin

I would say Flare, but in 4-strap modem the Kombats will in practice work better because you can get a more effective stance.

7) Top speed

Same as 6. Flare has a faster bottom, but when you're really powered up I think you can go faster with the K with the right trim.

8) Non-planning freestyle

I would say the Flare again.

The thing the Kombats do MUCH better is anything that has to do with wave riding and I would also say most people will find the Kombats nicer overall for "general sailing".
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