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Del Carpenter
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Default Started New Year with Start, Thanks

For my flat water session today (1-1-07) the air temperature was 0 C or 32 F, the water temperature was only a few degrees warmer, and there was about 1/2 inch of snow on the ground. The wind was about 8 mph, so I wasn't planing, but the sunshine was glorious and I had a good time. The passerby walking a dog said I must be brave, but the "pond" is less than 300 yards across, I was wearing a drysuit with serious gloves, boots, and a warm hood, and I was on my 2001 Start, so I said, "no, I'm just very experienced."

I have other boards, but in cold weather with cold water, when I really want to stay out of the water, I use the Start because it is so stable.
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Default RE: Started New Year with Start, Thanks

You must have looked really "expereinced" with 7mm of neoprene head to toe in subplanning conditions on a pond with snow and with a board bigger than most cars

keep on keepin on
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