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Default Diff '05 to '07 s-type 104

Looking at a new board and was wondering if there is a huge difference in the '05 S-Type 104 compared to the new '07 S-Type 104,
The '05 is standing out only cause of the price, reviews all great and would make a good change for my Fanatic cross 100, as i am going to settle with slalom and b&j freeriding, I'm 85 kg's and have sails from 4.7 to 7.0 for mainly sailing flat water b&j. Not nailing jibes yet but was hopeing a new board may help as my progression has stalled alittle on the cross..

Any thoughts

Cheers in Advance
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Default RE: Diff '05 to '07 s-type 104

hi, im no expert, far from it but just a thought, if you buy a s-type 2007 you'll have a newer more high performance board than the 05 also it'll be in perfect condition new, so if you look after it it would be a bit easier to sell second hand or you'll be able to keep up with next few years models easier. having said that if the 05 version is a lot cheaper it might be better to go for that, if you chip a ??849 board its pretty bad, second hand board it wouldnt be so bad. just a thought.
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